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Pat and TonyTenants and Prospective Tenants
Although we provide social housing primarily to people with an intellectual disability, we also house families and friends of people supporting a person with an intellectual disability. Some of our tenants live alone and others share with a person of their choice.

Ger and KevinTenants Rights and Entitlements
Each of our tenants is provided with a tenancy agreement. Our tenancy agreement is based on a tenancy agreement written by the Irish Council for Social Housing but has been re-written specifically for our tenants. Our tenancy is designed to provide people with a secure tenure.

Tenants are entitled to apply to their Community Welfare Officer for a rent supplement to help pay their rent.

If you are receiving Disability Allowance you will be also entitled to apply to the Social Welfare for a Household benefits package, which provides you with credits for ESB or gas, telephone rental and a free television licence.

Mairead and TommyWho is entitled to Social Housing?
A person is entitled to social housing if their income does not enable them to purchase or rent their own home. People who are in receipt of a Disability Allowance are in general, entitled to social housing. All of our prospective tenants must register on the Local Authority housing list before they are allocated a house. The Local Authority assesses your income and decides whether you are entitled to be put on the housing list.

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