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“Very happy with my new home. I have also learned how to walk to the local shops on my own”


What happens if you don’t pay your rent?

It is essential to pay rent. Failure to pay rent regularly can lead to eviction.

What if I have problems paying my rent?

If you have any difficulties paying your rent it is vital that you contact your Housing Services Co-ordinator as soon as possible. Confidential help and advice is available and staff will do all they can to assist you and prevent you getting further into debt.

Tuath Rent Arrears Policy

Tuath Rent Arrears Policy

Glensheen Court.
A Success Story By: Patricia Mc Carthy Social Care Leader.
Glensheen Court.

Glensheen Court is an apartment block located in a quiet residential estate in Glensheen, Ennis. It was build and is owned by Banner Housing Association Ltd. Residents have longterm leases and pay rent to Banner Housing Assoc. It is very centrally located near tolocal amenities.

It comprises of three two bedroom apartments; each apartment is completely separatefrom the next apartment. Each apartment has a kitchen/living area, two bedrooms (oneen- suite) and one bathroom. Each apartment has its own front door opening into a communal hall and has a separate enclosed courtyard area outside. The residents cook and eat intheirown apartments with staff support.
There is also a separate unit in this apartment buildingwhich is used for staff accommodation. This is an office / bedsit centrally located near toall three apartments. Glensheen Court is heated by underground heating air to water heatingsystem. In January 2012 six individuals transferred to Glensheen Court from a bungalowthey weresharing in Ashfield Park. Glensheen Court was a new building which was just completed. There were four men and two ladies involved. When the new building was completedstaff took the six individuals to see the apartments. They jumped at the opportunity to relocatethere. They were adamant that they wished to remain together and Glensheen Court offered them the opportunity to do so. They could be near each other but live separatelyand independently. They each choose what apartment they wanted and who they wouldshare with based on existing friendships and compatibility.

They all settled in easily and quickly. They all loved their new apartments and comparedthem to staying in a hotel. Each apartment was decorated according to the individual’s taste and preferences. They purchased their own furniture and personal effects. Shopping, cooking, laundry, household chores are undertaken separately in each apartment withstaff support. The residents have become active and known and well integrated in their local community. Four individuals could be left unsupported for a time as they were more semi-independent. Staff were in the building and were mainly based in the apartment with the two individualswith higher support needs. There was only one sleepover staff required for all six individuals. The move to Glensheen Court afforded many positive opportunities to the six individuals who moved there. Those who were semi-independent became more independent, confident, competent and capable. Extra resources and staffing came with the movesoindividuals were in receipt of a more individualised service. In Ashfield Park one manusedto negatively impact on the others. This was due to their close living conditions andtohimexhibiting behaviours that challenge. It soon became obvious in their new living environment that these behaviours decreased in frequency and intensity

At the official opening by Jan O Sullivan, Minister of State at The Department of the Environment, one resident spoke of her delight in having her own front door and her ownkey. She said how nice it was to be so near her friends in the other apartments, near but not too near. She now had the option to close her own front door if she wanted spaceandquietness. She mentioned how safe she felt with staff and others nearby. She lovedher new found independence and not having to participate in group activities or outings. Glensheen Court is a Designated Centre and has come through many very successful Hiqainspections and registrations. It has been found to be fully compliant in all regulations including fire regulations and infection prevention and control measures. Covid has proven challenging for us all and likewise in Glensheen Court. The layout andsizeof the building enabled staff to manage Covid more safely and effectively. Outbreak plansand Isolation plans for the residents were implemented easily and readily. It was alsoeasierdeal with the enforced restrictions and provide more in-house activities. The natural ageingof the residents and their increased health care needs are accommodated in GlensheenCourt. It is one level and very accessible. Some opt for a quieter slower pace of life inalessbusy environment and this is catered for here. Glensheen Court was purpose build, and is wheelchair accessible. One kitchen evenhas acounter that can be lowered if need be to meet the needs of a wheelchair user. All residentsin Glensheen Court now have more privacy, dignity and a more individualised service. Sincerelocating they have increased opportunities to achieve goals and personal outcomes. Theyhave security of tenure. If there are maintenance issues or heating issues these are dealt with in a prompt manner. Staff all agree that Glensheen Court is a nice, bright modern place to work. It is easy tokeepclean and maintained. It is spacious, safe and secure and located in a quiet area. Thereisadequate lighting and sufficient space to undertake tasks. I have worked with this group of individuals who relocated to Glensheen Court for nearly30years. It has been an honour and privilege to have been on the journey with themas theytransitioned to their new homes back in 2012. I have been based in Glensheen Court sinceand I have witnessed first-hand the benefits and positive outcomes they have accomplishedsince. One’s living environment does make a vast difference in one’s life as provenfromthis story Thanks to Banner Housing Association for providing this fabulous state of the art accommodation for all the residents in Glensheen Court. Well done, keep up the goodwork.